September 2010 Quarterly BAS reminder

BAS preparation business tax

Need help preparing your BAS statement?


One month to go!  How are you going?  It’s nearly time for your next BAS again. So start this financial year off right and make sure you get your first quarterly BAS in on time. 

If you’d rather spend your time on something else – doing something you can make money from or enjoying your evenings and weekends – Samantha in Manly West (Brisbane) and Leesa in Menai (Sydney) can help you.

Leesa Dalton – (02) 9532 1302 |

Samantha Monahan – (07) 3348 4323 |

About advancedbookkeeping

What sets Advanced Bookkeeping and Consulting apart from our competitors is our emphasis on value adding. We take pride in the fact that we do more than just "churn the numbers". As part of our standard service, we provide our clients with helpful insights about how their business is performing, as well as advice on how various aspects could be improved.
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